B2B Tech Companies Need Marketing Automation

June 9, 2014 - 2 minutes read

When it comes to increasing B2B technology sales, it’s about quality, not quantity.  If you provide your prospects with relevant, interesting content about your industry, you’ll have a much easier time convincing them you’re a reliable authority. That being said, if you try to push out content that only talks about your company or that has no real benefit to your leads, they’re not going to consider you a good resource.

Of course, providing the content that draws relevant leads to your site takes time, and that’s not an easy thing to come by in many B2B tech companies. That’s why marketing automation is such a great resource. It can streamline your entire marketing process, from brainstorming content to distributing on social media to nurturing leads. Graeme Wilson discusses this strategy on BizCommunity.

Social selling isn’t going to work if employees simply post links to the company’s homepage for no apparent reason. For social selling to work, the company needs to regularly produce new, interesting content that its employees can recommend to their friends online.

In addition, employees’ social media posts need to be strategically crafted. Each post should contain original copy that piques the reader’s interest and prompts them to click on the link provided.

The link should then take readers directly to the particular blog or piece of content recommended in the social media post. This content should be accompanied by a call to action prompting the visitor to take the next step in the buyer journey by doing something like downloading a piece of premium content or requesting an obligation-free quote.

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