B2B Social Media: Why Social Media Isn’t Just for B2C Marketing

February 9, 2016 - 1 minute read

You may see social media as a great general marketing tool for only B2C companies, and it is, but the power and reach social has goes so far beyond only connecting with direct consumers. Social has plenty to offer to B2B companies in enhancing visibility, relationships and so much more. Business 2 Community breaks down some great ways to start utilizing B2B social.


The most important thing to keep in mind with B2B social media is that it is about relationships. Just like in the offline world, relationships take time, so it takes time to see the results from your social media efforts. Relationships also go both ways, so you will need to be very focused on ensuring that the content you provide is relevant and useful to your customers.

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  1. Ray
    March 30, 2016Reply

    I like the one minute read format you have on this page. You piqued my curiosity in two of your articles. I wanted to read more but both links were dead. I checked several more but all the links were dead.


  2. Ray
    March 30, 2016Reply

    I'd like to modify my last comment. I finally noticed that the word "here" was they link. The reason I didn't see it was because it is the same color as the rest of text and also not underlined.

    I really enjoyed the post though. :)


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