Are You Wasting Your Time Building Relationships with Journalists?

October 1, 2014 - 2 minutes read

Public relations professionals and journalists have relied on each other since the professions began. Naturally, changes in either industry affect the other. That’s why, as journalists feel growing pressure to produce content around the clock, PR pros have a greater chance of getting their pitches in the papers or, more likely, online.

 Many B2B tech PR agencies take this to mean that building relationships with journalists will give them even more of a leg up, but this isn’t the case. The days of schmoozing a reporter over lunch are long gone. Journalists simply don’t have time.

The best way to build successful relationships with reporters is to consistently give them information they can use. Sending blatantly-branded content about your client’s new product might not go over so well, but if you can tie it into a bigger trend in your industry, you’re more likely to get your pitch accepted.

Steve Goldstein writes more about this on  the PRNews blog.

In fact, the journalist who was most skeptical of relationship building was there solely because of the networking skills of one of the PR pros on the panel. She follows her own advice and belongs to every journalists’ association in the region. She puts herself out there physically and, yes, builds relationships. It was through this network of relationships that she made contact with this journalist and invited him to the session in Boston. His mere presence was proof that building relationships works.

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