Are You Using Native Advertising?

September 2, 2014 - 1 minute read

If you haven’t heard the term native advertising, it involves creating content for a publication or outlet that mimics the style of editorial content. In other words, a B2B technology PR professional might secure space in a newspaper and, instead of publishing a traditional ad, draft an article about a general topic that relates to his client.

There are several reasons for the growth of native advertising, including the decline of traditional print advertisements and consumers becoming more wary of online ads. This means native advertising could be hugely beneficial for your business, if it’s done correctly. March Communications has a few tips for how to get your B2B company started with native advertising.

To maximize the effect of sponsored content, native advertising efforts should be complemented with great media relations, coverage, social media campaigns and content on the company website. In that way, brands can create a blend of PR, journalism and native advertising that can lead readers to the right place – and hopefully make native advertising worth the hype.

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