Are You Practicing Inbound PR?

September 26, 2014 - 1 minute read

The rise of content marketing, combined with shrinking newsroom staffs, has created a golden opportunity for public relations professionals. Never before have journalists been more likely to pick up releases from the wire and run them, sometimes word-for-word, to meet their growing content demands. That doesn’t mean, however, that PR pros can throw best practices out the window and crank out five subpar releases a day.

If you truly want to boost your chances of earning media coverage, you must practice inbound PR. This means putting a heavy focus on storytelling. Lilian Sue shares tips for developing an inbound PR strategy on Social Media Today.

Craft a narrative your customers care about: A news story on your newest product, service or office is going to focus its implications on how it will affect your industry or geographical area, depending on the publication. What your customers and your audience care about the most is how your products, services or new location will benefit them. Does your product make running a business or lifestyle changes easier for them? Does a new location make customer service more seamless for them?

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