Are PR Pros Doing Content Marketing Better Than Marketers?

June 30, 2014 - 1 minute read

The rise of social media created a do-or-die situation for public relations professionals: They had to learn how to adapt their craft for the digital age. This meant switching from mass-emailing reporters to contacting them on social media, establishing a positive presence online and, perhaps most importantly, adjusting to the “everyone is a publisher” era.

Many PR pros picked up tips from marketers and combined their new-school content marketing practices with tried-and-true PR tactics. This has led to a rapid shift from old-school practices to a more modern, digital mindset. The Next Web outlines just a few of the ways PR professionals have adapted content marketing techniques to fit their needs.

Rather than panic, PR practitioners had to quickly adapt their strategy to the fast-changing industry. They had to shift their objectives from “find a hook and email as many journalists to write about their clients as possible” to “find where their audience is, build meaningful relationships with them, prove value with relevant and interesting content, then pretty much deliver it to their doorstep.”

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