54% of Companies Expect CMO to Drive Innovation

July 23, 2014 - 1 minute read

From investing in a marketing automation platform to establishing a presence on social media, B2B technology companies are in a constant state of digital transformation. And when it comes to making sure they’re headed in the right direction, 54 percent of companies say they expect the CMO to drive innovation, according to a new study by the Altimeter Group.

Because modern marketers typically use traditional PR tactics in new ways, this means that your company’s public relations team can play a critical role in your digital revolution. If these two teams don’t already work together, it’s a good idea to get them more in-tune with each other.

Alex Kantrowitz shares more details about the survey on Ad Age.

“A lot of businesses are suffering from shiny object syndrome: Get the new technology, go social, go mobile,” Mr. Solis said. “The smarter companies are looking at how does experience [and] behavior align with our technology investments so that we can make better technology investments and optimize.”

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