Perfecting the Recipe for Success in B2B Content Marketing

January 25, 2017 - 1 minute read

Written By: Neeraj Singhal via CIO Today

In a world where audiences are deeply immersed in content, marketers need to adapt to this changing landscape. This has led to the rise of content marketing as a storytelling vehicle, with brands shifting from simply crafting messages to creating experiences.

B2C marketers seem to have generally embraced this shift earlier in the days, prioritizing content marketing. Blogs and content hubs are now regarded as the ultimate megaphones for companies; websites have to be more interactive and social media channels hold the reins of CRM Relevant Products/Services. According to Content Marketing Institute, 37% of B2C content marketers are developing a more documented content strategy than before and dedicating approximately 32% of their budgets to it.

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