Is Your B2B Social Media Strategy Effective?

B2B technology companies are slowly but surely coming around to the idea of content marketing, but there are still many companies who just can’t wrap their head around the idea of social media marketing. They prefer to stick to outdated marketing methods because they are comfortable with them, but that means missing out on the endless benefits available for companies who build and execute a successful social media marketing strategy.

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Is Big Data Part of Your B2B Technology PR Strategy?

Many enterprise technology companies rely on Big Data to identify patterns and more accurately predict future developments in their industry, and now B2B technology PR agencies are starting to do the same. In order to make this data truly effective, however, PR professionals must work with every department, from the C-suite to IT to sales and marketing.

John Roderick wrote about this topic on PR News, including how to use Big Data to create a “multidimensional perspective” in your PR content.

In simpler terms that will resonate with communications professionals, Big Data is really a lot like a giant survey, but better. Whereas surveys measure a single dimension—sentiment—Big Data has the power to layer multiple dimensions on top of one another to capture that sentiment, along with real-world behavioral patterns, historical correlations and forward-looking probabilities.

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54% of Companies Expect CMO to Drive Innovation

From investing in a marketing automation platform to establishing a presence on social media, B2B technology companies are in a constant state of digital transformation. And when it comes to making sure they’re headed in the right direction, 54 percent of companies say they expect the CMO to drive innovation, according to a new study by the Altimeter Group.

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What B2B PR, Marketing Pros Need to Know About Regulated Industries

Many B2B marketers and PR professionals serve companies in heavily regulated industries such as finance or healthcare. A company offering IT outsourcing, for example, must know about regulations in multiple industries to ensure that its products comply with its customers’ needs. This means B2B technology PR professionals must stay up-to-date with the latest regulations from the FTC, HIPAA, CMS, the SEC and many more federal departments.

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