Evolving Media Makes Brand Control a Must

The media landscape has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. This change has seen brand managers find it increasingly difficult to control their brand message in the media. Gone are the days of product-centric press releases. Journalists and audiences alike demand content that provides value and insight. The benefits are great for the audiences with a far more interesting and insightful read but for the brand it can often lead to dilution and wandering from the original message of the piece.

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Pre-Pitching Helps B2B Technology PR Pros Generate Buzz

Every B2B technology PR professional understands the importance of writing an intriguing press release to obtain coverage for clients, but there’s one simple trick you can do to make your release go even further: pre-pitching. This entails reaching out to journalists and bloggers a week or so ahead of publishing a release to let them know what they can expect. Ideally, this will encourage them to make room on their editorial calendar to cover your news.

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How to Get Your PR Content Picked Up by Media

Between the shrinking size of newsroom staffs and the growing need for information around the clock, journalists have never been so eager to find ready-to-print content. This is great news for B2B technology public relations professionals, but it doesn’t mean you can write 1,000 words about your client and expect it to get picked up.

Rebekah Epstein, founder and publicist for Fifteen Media, recently wrote an article on Entrepreneur with some advice on how to write contributed articles the media can use.

1. Don’t be too self-promotional.

This is the golden rule of writing articles for tier-1 publications. Don’t write articles on the five reasons the company’s business is the best or the four ways the organization is better than its competitors.

Instead, executives should write articles based their expertise or what they’ve learned from their jobs.

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